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Biologisch-dynamischer Obstbau

Biodynamic fruit: Growers and traders

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BOOMGAARD TER LINDE, Oostkapelle, Zeeland

Boomgaard Ter Linde is the 17 ha biodynamic orchard of Piet Korstanje and Heleen van Elsacker. They mainly grow apple and pear. The fruit is sorted and stored on-farm, and sold to organic food stores. Piet and Heleen employ six people, and more during harvest time.

TINZLHOF, Laas, Südtirol

Josef and Luise Tinzl’s family fruit farm measures 9.5 ha. Their apple orchards are scattered around the narrow mountain valley of Vinschgau, at an average elevation of 880m. The different apple varieties, grown at various elevations and harvested at different times, each have their own characteristic taste. Through continuous study Josef and Luise seek to deepen their insight into the spiritual-scientific basis of biodynamic farming.


Uta and Lothar Krämer started their biodynamic orchard in Rheinland in 2001. Their most important crop is apple: they grow 18.000 apple trees on about 9.5 ha. An additional 10 ha is grown with potato and pumpkin (for the farm shop), and grass-clover and grain (for animal feed). Apples are sold in the farm shop and through fruit subscriptions, and to organic food retailers and wholesalers. Uta and Lothar employ 11 people (3 full-time and 8 part-time).

DOTTENFELDERHOF, Bad Vilbel, Frankfurt am Main

The Dottenfelderhof is a collective biodynamic farm where various families work together. On 170 ha, they grow a wide variety of crops, raise cattle, process farm products, and run a farm shop. Four hectares are grown with fruit trees of various varieties and rootstocks. Fruit is sold through the farm shop. Fruit from high- stem trees is processed into juice

WECKHOF, Tisens, Südtirol

The Weckhof of the Peer-Pichler family has been working according to the DEMETER guidelines since 2000. Apples are traded through the OSIRIS trade association. They also grow potatoes, grain, and wine grapes, and offer on-farm holiday accommodations.

BIOHOF RIGI, Hessigkofen, Soloturn

Niklaus and Regina Bolliger have a mixed farm, with vegetables, fruits, fodder crops and cows. They also run the Pomaretum, a research orchard devoted to breeding new biodynamic apple varieties.

LES COTEAUX-NANTAIS, Vertou, Pays de la Loire

Fruit growers since 1943, les Côteaux Nantais has 64 ha of orchards producing a wide variety of fruit: twenty-nine apple varieties, five pear varieties, seven strawberry varieties, plums, quinces, kiwi fruit and vineyard peaches. Most of the fruit is sold; the remainder is processed into natural or sparkling fruit juice, cider, vinegar, compotes, healthy diet fruit purées, desserts, and traditional jams and jellies.
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