Biodynamic Fruit Production

Biologisch-dynamischer Obstbau

International Working Group on Biodynamic Fruit Production

Working together with trading partners, extension officers and researchers, we seek to further develop biodynamic fruit production and product quality. One of our aims is to gain more insight into the specific qualities of biodynamic fruit, and to translate this insight into practical strategies for fruit growing and marketing. We work with apple, pear, plum, cherry, nectarine and strawberry; apple being our common focus.

The International Working Group was founded in 2000, during a conference on biodynamic fruit production in Dornach, Switzerland. So far, our members are primarily based in Northwest Europe and North Italy. Each country has one or more contact persons, who coordinate research and development activities related to biodynamic fruit production at the national level. If you are a professional fruit grower or trader inspired by the biodynamic approach, you are welcome to join our group. Please contact one of the coordinators in your country for more information.

We organize conferences and workshops and work together in collaborative research projects, providing opportunities for knowledge exchange and training. Every two years, we organize the Bd-Obstbau Tagung (biennial conference on biodynamic fruit production), together with the Sektion für Landwirtschaft am Goetheanum (Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum) in Dornach, Switzerland. For meetings open to the public, see below. For members-only meetings, click here.

8-11 July 2010 – Summer meeting Dottenfelderhof, Bad Vilbel, Germany.



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